Premium Planting Mix

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Our scientifically formulated growing medium that is a perfect way to give a healthy headstart to your plants!

Our Premium Planting Mix helps ensure optimum plant growth potential with a balanced blend of cocopeat, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, humic acid, plant nutrients, photogenic agents, buffering agents and anti-fungal agents.

Use our mix to provide your plant with essential macro/micro nutrients and minerals for it to grow. It helps prevent transplanting shock by stimulating quick rooting and healthy root development, and can also loosen and improve poor soil conditions. Perfect for first-timers.

Small - 1kg pack
23cm x 33cm x 10cm, good for 2-4 small pots, or around 2 medium self-watering pots. *Bring your empty packaging back to enjoy a complimentary first refill.

Jumbo - 50l (~20kg)
54cm x 80cm x 18cm, perfect for multiple boxes or a small garden planter.

Our product is packed and sealed by Employability and Employment Centre, a programme by Autism Resource Centre, to provide training and employment for adults with autism.

*Only applicable for small packs