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Grow a mini garden with these simple seed starter kits! 

These fuss-free seed kits contain all you need to get started with growing your own food - just add water and watch your plant grow!

Great for beginners and casual plant enthusiasts alike, this kit can be a fun addition to your desk or window, and can also serve as a corporate door gift or party favour. Available in both small and bulk quantities. 

This kit contains:
1x polyethylene black pot (85 x 85 x 85mm)
1x pack Premium Planting Mix
1x pack Seeds (Sweet Basil or Butterfly Blue Pea)
1x Planting guide that can be used as pot saucer

Seed storage & growing
Keep seeds in a cool, dry and dark place. Sow seeds evenly onto moist soil and keep indoors until it germinates. Please note that 1 seed = 1 seedling. Seedlings should sprout within a week and can be moved into the sun when bigger. 

Plant care
Grows well in partial to full sunlight and can be placed at a windowsill or outdoors. Water regularly (at least once a day).