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Indoor Microgreen Self-Watering Kit

Indoor Microgreen Self-Watering Kit

Everyone can start growing something today and this kit is designed for indoor growing. The compact self-watering pot, together with its water level indicator, prevents over-watering and provides an optimal level of moisture to plants via soil wicking. An excellent choice for any small-scale horticulturalist.

An Indoor Microgreen Self-Watering Kit consists of:
  • 01 Small Self-Watering Pot (ABS)
  • 01 Water Level Indicator
  • 01 Premium Planting Mix 
  • 01 Microgreen Seed Packet
  • Planting Instruction

Microgreens are young seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs harvested less than 14 days after germination. They are usually about 1-3 inches long and come in a variety of colours and flavours, which has made them popular as garnishes.

Types of Microgreen Seeds:
  • Spicy Salad Mix - A colorful blend of red and green mustards with various textures. A mixture of different salad lettuce with a peppery or spicy flavour. Seed mixture is subjected to changes.
  • Rocket - Also known as plain rocket. Leaves can be picked individually for a distinctive peppery-flavour. Long, dark, lobed leaves are suitable for salad mix or bunching. Very quick maturing.
*Colour of self-watering pot varies (blue, green, pink, purple, red, white) and it is subjected to availability.
Product Dimensions - 15.0cm (Width), 15.0cm (Length), 13.5cm (Height)