Geotextiles and Their Usage in Urban Farming



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Do you find yourselves always googling for information when you’re unsure about how to grow a plant or how to use a particular herb that you’ve grown? Fret not! We are bringing you our new series of weekly blogposts starting from this week. Through these posts, we hope to bring you information on the materials used in urban farming (KnowYourTools), how to grow greens and herbs (KnowYourEdibles) as well as how to use them (UseYourEdibles). The topics of the posts will alternate each week so as to provide variety in information. So, be sure to follow our posts closely!

This week, we are starting the series with geotextiles. Now, many of you might not have come across or used geotextiles before but I must say, they are quite useful when it comes to growing greens in boxes and containers.

What are geotextiles?

Geotextiles are permeable fabrics which, when used in association with soil, have the ability to separate, filter, reinforce, protect, or drain. Typically made from polypropylene or polyester, geotextile fabrics come in three basic forms:

i) Woven- resembling mailbag sacking

ii) Non-woven (needle punched or heat bonded)- resembling felt and ironed felt respectively.

iii) Knitted- very few types of geotextiles are knitted

Geotextlies are mainly used for civil engineering purposes but they can be used for urban farming too!

How do we use them in urban farming?

Here at Edible Garden City and Nóng, we use a type of non-woven geotextile (resembling felt) for our microgreen set-ups in clear, plastic boxes, as well as for plant set-ups in our wooden crates. The geotextile provides a porous boundary through which excess water can drain, and ensures proper air circulation. With the usage of VersiCell that support the geotextile and soil in clear boxes, this makes for a good and simple system to have at home!


So now that you know what geotextiles are and the purpose they serve, you can incorporate them in your daily urban farming!

Happy Friday everyone! :)

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