Microgreen: Grow your own salad at home!

Join us for this fun hands-on workshop whereby we will share with you how to grow your baby salads step by step indoor.

This workshop is designed for grower who has no experience at all and we guarantee you will be able to harvest your baby salads in 2 weeks after the workshop.

Date : 26 August (Wed)

Time : 7PM to 8PM (1 hour)


What the participants will learn:

  • Nutrition in nature’s superfood - microgreens
  • How to grow organic microgreens at home or in the office step by step (demonstration onsite)
  • Different types of microgreens and how to choose your growing medium and seeds


  • Prepare planting medium and sow seeds
  • Participants can bring home their self-watering pots and wait to harvest their fresh baby salad mix in 2 weeks

Register at  http://babysalad.peatix.com , limited slots available. 

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