Premium Planting Mix

Premium Planting Mix

The Premium Planting Mix is a premium, scientifically formulated growing medium that helps ensure optimum plant growth potential. A balanced blend of cocopeat, peat moss, vermiculite, perlite, humic acid, plant nutrients, photogenic agents, buffering agents and anti-fungal agents. It is a perfect way to give a healthy head start to plants!

  • Contributes to vigorous plant growth and health by providing essential macro/micro nutrients and minerals.
  • Stimulates quick rooting and healthy root development.
  • Loosens and improves soil drainage in hard, compacted and heavy day soil.
  • Versatility — ideal for improving poor soil, mulching, and mixing into native soil for new in-ground plantings.
  • Prevents transplanting shock and encourages fast root growth for newly transplanted plants.
  • Easier to handle for first-time horticulturists.

We have two sizes available for various needs, the 1 kg zip lock pack and the jumbo 50 ltr (~20 kg) pack.

The 1 kg zip lock pack is ~23 cm x 33 cm x 10 cm in dimension. Bring the packaging back to our HortPark outlet to enjoy a complimentary refill. It is packed and sealed by the Employability and Employment Centre, a programme by the Autism Resource Centre which provides training and employment for adults with autism.

The 50 ltr (~20 kg) jumbo pack is ~54 cm x 80 cm x 18 cm in dimension.